Click on the links to view recordings from the inaugural Australian Apitherapy Association virtual conference, November 26 and 27, 2021.

  Day 1

Introduction to the Australian Legislation, Dr Kelley Whitaker, Secretary, Australian Apitherapy Association.

Background on why Apitherapy is so well accepted in Turkey, Cihat Celebi, Turkish Health Ministry.

Medicinal Beekeeping, Dr Stefan Stangaciu, President Romanian Apitherapy Society

Exploring the therapeutic potential of honeybee venom and melittin in targeting   aggressive breast and ovarian cancers, Associate Professor Pilar Blancafort, University of Western Australia

Healing properties of Australian Manuka Honeys by Dr Peter Brooks, University of the   Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

A brief history of humans and honey, Dr Shona Blair, Imperial College London.

Honey Dressings for Chronic Wounds, Professor Liz Harry, University of Technology   Sydney, Australia

Was Cleopatra right? Combining bee medicine with cannabis in the treatment of basal cell carcinoma, Dr Bridget Goodwin, President Australian Apitherapy Association,   and

Synergies between cannabis and beehive products by Dr Jake Felice, Naturopathic Doctor   and Cannabis Educator, USA.

Stingless bee honey’s unique properties, Dr Natasha Hungerford, University of Queensland, Australia.

Breathing the   medicinal Beehive Air, presentation from Beate Mc Kenzie from Beecura in Germany.

Scientific   Studies on the medicinal benefits of breathing beehive air, Tiago Guardia, Brazil.

Apitherapeutic products   with propolis extract in the prevention and treatment of some diseases, Professor Ladislau Rosenberg,   Romanian Society for the History of Pharmacy, Sibiu.

  Fifth generation beekeeper, 13 year old Michelle Jose from India on why its healthy to be a beekeeper.

A whole family’s healthy lifestyle as bee farmers, Yan Bali, from Bali.

Unlocking the secrets of ancient antimicrobial effects of honey, Dr   Nural Cokcetin,University of Technology, Sydney, Australia.

Australian honey: A prebiotic food for gut heath, Dr Nural Cokcetin,University of Technology, Sydney, Australia.

A journey of a couple: two beekeepers to practice Apitherapy, Simon and Ruth Chatburn, Honeyhunters, Queensland, Australia.

Live bee stinging in the treatment of arthritis, Dr Thomas Gloger, Apitherapist, Germany.

Integrative treatment of wounds with honey, Dr Thomas Gloger, Apitherapist, Germany.

Nebulising honey in the treatment of childhood asthma, croop and pneumonia since the year 2000, Mamdouh Abdulrhman, Professor of Pediatrics, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt.

Apitherapy in the treatment of childhood diseases, Mamdouh Abdulrhman, Professor of Pediatrics, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt.

Apitherapy in the treatment of Covid 19- Dr Stefan Stangaciu, President Romanian Apitherapy Association and Associate Professor, Dr Ali Timucin Atayglu, Medipol University Turkey and President of the International Federation of Apitherapy.

Day 2

Honey massage for pre-school children, Nina Ilic, Professional head of Api Pedagogical Programs, Slovenia.

Green Propolis EPP-AF reduced the hospitalization time of covid-19 patients – a pilot, randomized, clinical trial, Dr Andressa Berretta, Manager of Research and Development, Apis Flora, Brazil.

Second presentation from Brazil’s Dr Andressa Berretta using green propolis on burn patient’s wounds.

The use of Propolis in dentistry, Dr Rafael Felitti, Uruguay.

Apitherapy in the treatment of animals, Professor Banu Yucel and Ekin Varol, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Animals Science at Ege University in Turkey.

Dr Andre Zbuchea, Plastic Surgery Department, Ploiesti District Hospital, Romania, explains the capacity of honey to help with wound dressings in plastic surgery.

Bee venom and snake venom, a comparison, by Dr Claudio Miehaescu, Romania.

Anti-ageing properties of bee products, Dr Anna Kurek-Górecka, Department of Community Pharmacy, Sosnowiec
Medical University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland.

Tanja Arih Korosec on Apitourism in Slovenia and conference wrap by Dr Kelley and Dr Bridget,

Thank you everyone for attending!